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Harvest Time

22 Oct 2015

The whole school enjoyed a fantastic Harvest Service at All Saints Church. The singing was excellent and the poems written by Ella, Freya, Freddie, George, Cerys and Harjit, really helped us to think carefully about what Harvest means. To think about people less fortunate than ourselves and the beauty of the world in which we live.

Yesterday we composed and learnt a new song together, "Harvest Time for You and Me."
Today we performed  the world premiere of our song! What talented children we have at Ardleigh Green.

H is healthy eating everyday
A is aiding people in every way
R is really helping, you know like really helping.  
V is for victory, victory from poverty
E is extreme ways to improve life
S is super ways to stop the wars and strife
T is our final letter, for making all lives better

Harvest Time for you and me.

Thank you for inspiring us Mr Linham, you would have been very proud of our singing. 


Ella's Harvest Acrostic Poem

H is for Helping. Helping others in need, who aren't as lucky as us and have put all their trust firmly in our grasp.
A is for All. All of us deserve to live a good life. All of us should have a good start in life and all of us should be happy and healthy.
R is for Reliability. Reliability is wjat is upon us, to be generous, to be respectful and also to be able to think about others before ourselves.
V is for Victory. Victory for farmers as their determination, hardwork and generosity has given them the satisfaction of saving lives!
E is for Equality. Equality is what everyone needs for a happy life, a peaceful world and a place of love.
S is for Sharing. Sharing what we have with people less fortunate than ourselves who need food and clothes to live and desire the dreams and ambitions we take for granted.
T is for Team. Together everyone achieves more. This is the world I dream of!

Thank you God for Harvest Time

by Ella Kelynack

As part of our Harvest Celebrations we collecteed over 400 tins of food for the Harold Hill Foodbank.
At the service in church, we collected over £50 for the Watoto Children's Charity in Uganda.
Thank you all for your generosity.


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