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Sealyham and Activity Week

09 Jun 2016


Year 6 had an amazing time at Sealyham and at the School Activity Week.

We have received so many complementary reports about our children from staff, parents and also the general public. Well done Year 6!

I am very proud of all you achieved at Sealyham and at our School Activity Week. You were all excellent ambassadors for our school.

Mr M

PS I received the following letter this morning which sums up so well how important such activities are for our children and the appreciation of our parents for providing such opportunities.

Dear Mr Morris

I wanted to send a huge thank you to all your teachers that went to Sealyham this year.  Their dedication, commitment, care and attention to our children is commendable.

Twitter, for me, was absolutely fantastic! What a great way to feel involved and enjoy the days with the children. 

Personally, ........... had a truly amazing time and wished it had gone on and on and on.  Friendships were cemented and memories made that they will cherish and take with them for years and probably for ever.  This has been a wonderful year for these children with so many sporting and (hopefully) academic successes along the way, all made possible because of the continual commitment of you and your staff.

Ardleigh Green is truly an outstanding school, with outstanding teachers and outstanding children.

I applaud you all.



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