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Ardleigh Green welcomes Icelandic Visitors

13 Oct 2015

On Monday 12th October, we welcomed 6 teachers from Iceland to school. (The country not the shop!)

Rannveig Stefansdottir, Brynhildur Snorradottir,Gudfinna Aradottir,Astridur Kristin Bjarnadottir,Sigridur Birgisdottir, and Avanhildur Danielsdottir, were undertaking a research project looking at how we teach Mathematics and Literacy at Ardleigh Green. During their two day stay, they observed teaching and learning throughout the school, attended an assembly, talked to our children and looked at the children's books and teacher's planning.

Our visitors were very impressed with the behaviour of our children and the quality teaching and learning throughout the school. They loved our school song and felt it really summed up the very positive ethos of Ardleigh Green Junior School.

As part of their research they had to identify 5 aspects of Literacy and Mathematics at Ardleigh Green, which will help them improve the quality of teaching and learning at their school in the future.

Below is a translation of their findings, which had to be posted on our website as a condition of their research project.


1. Speaking and listening activities and the children's ability to explain their learning.
2. Written and aural feedback.
3. Clear learning intentions and success criteria.
4. Subject knowledge of staff and pupils and our children's confidence in using mathematical terminology.
5. Support groups for able and more able children. and the range and quality of resources eg Books Ipads etc.


1. Children's mental arithmetic skills.
2. Detailed planning and maths displays to support the children's learning.
3. Problem solving activities and mathematical challenges.
4. The use of IT. (Particularly Scratch, RM Maths and Mathletics).
5. Balance of individual, group and class work.

A big thank you to our staff and pupils for making our guests so welcome and giving them such a positive picture of our education system
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