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2018 Y6 Summer Homework

Year 6 Teachers - 05 Jul 2018

  Y6 Summer Homework 2018  

Year 6 Summer Homework 2018


Welcome to Year 6!


We are going to start as we mean to go on … so we have a few important things for you to do over the summer in order for you to make the best possible start to Year 6 in September!

  1. Learn all of your times and division tables up to 12 - in order to recall at high speed! If you already know them, keep testing yourself regularly to keep up your accuracy and speed. (Year 6 maths is so much easier if your times tables knowledge is secure - trust us!) J2E Blast or Times Tables Rockstars are a fun way to revise these!

  1. Know off by heart all of the spelling words on the Year 3, 4 and 5 word lists. Again, J2E Blast is a fun way of practising these spelling lists and you can choose to practise those lists only (in the practice section).

  1. Complete the Summer Reading Challenge. The included link suggests some great books for children in Year 6 (but reading any appropriate books is fine!) - there’s some great books on there! How many can you get through? https://schoolreadinglist.co.uk/reading-lists-for-ks2-school-pupils/suggested-reading-list-for-year-6-pupils-ks2-age-10-11/

  1. Complete the Y5 Summer Revision Maths Booklet - attempt as much as you possibly can. We will mark this the first Friday back so have it in for then!


https://www.j2e.com/j2blast (You will need your lgfl login in order to get access to this. It’s the one that ends in .311)


Please fill in the activity and reading logs to show us how often you have revised each of the times tables and spellings and have it signed by a parent/guardian for some well-deserved rewards in September!


Please note: You will be tested on all of the Y3, 4 & 5 spelling word lists and will also have a timed times-tables test during the first week of Year 6.

Warning: You will be kept in during your own time to learn them if it is evident that you haven’t learned them at all at home - so we suggest you get practising!


(This page has also been posted on the Ardleigh Green website under each class homework section for direct access to the website links above!)


Happy Hols!

Year 6 Teachers :)

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