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17 May 2019
Year 5 - Birch - Miss Sheenan
For trying his best in maths and supporting others on his table - which helps him improve his own skills!
Year 5 - Birch - Miss Sheenan

'Star of the Week' List 2018-19

10 May 2019 Leo For creating a superb newspaper report about Dumbo's first flight. It was full of improvement from his last piece of writing.
02 May 2019 Thomas For showing enthusiasm in all lessons and participating keenly, especially in history!
12 Apr 2019 Sophie For writing a superb job advert from The Artful Dodger - which encompassed elements of his cheeky nature and accent.
04 Apr 2019 Ella For being an all-round great student, who puts in a 110% in all that she does. Plus, she has been extremely helpful.
22 Mar 2019 Stevie For working really hard to achieve his targets in maths and literacy - proving hard work pays off!
15 Mar 2019 Luke For approaching all aspects of school with 100% effort and a huge smile.
08 Mar 2019 Dylan for improving his confidence and enjoyment in maths. Well done Dylan.
01 Mar 2019 Ava For being resilient in maths, when facing something that she finds difficult. Well done for persevering.
14 Feb 2019 Archie For a fantastic Robin Hood legend, full of spring targets and funny details!
08 Feb 2019 Bradley For trying hard to improve his writing by seriously taking on board feedback and ensuring his targets are included. Yay!
01 Feb 2019 Scarlett For making a dramatic effort to improve her work and sustain the pace of the rest of the class! Whooooohooooo
25 Jan 2019 Sasha For always giving her best and demonstrating high expectations of herself - never change!
18 Jan 2019 Simrit For being a model student who always gives 110%
11 Jan 2019 Shea For coming back to school focused and ready for learning. His work has been completed to a high standard and I have seen continuous effort.
14 Dec 2018 Sienna For being a fantastic Lion in our Panto! She added in lines and had amazing comic timing.
07 Dec 2018 Daniel For his improved attitude, wonderful articulation, fantastic ideas and always willing to help :)
30 Nov 2018 Charlie For always being optimistic, persevering and working hard on his writing. Charlie always cheers the whole class up!
23 Nov 2018 Lexi Lexi because she is always working hard, always kind to others and is always doing the right thing. Well done Lexi!
16 Nov 2018 Ethan For confidently participating in lessons and proving how capable he is.
09 Nov 2018 Liam For really growing in confidence in maths this week and being able to support others in something he used to find challenging.
02 Nov 2018 Charlotte For being a delightful, cheerful and exceptionally hard working member of this classroom.
18 Oct 2018 Noah For fantastic effort on his vocab homework - which made us all laugh today!
12 Oct 2018 Rosie For showing determination and persistence in maths when she found a new skill particularly challenging.
05 Oct 2018 Alayna For having an improved attitude and having higher expectations of herself.
28 Sep 2018 Liam For being most helpful and always hardworking in all that he does. Keep it up.
21 Sep 2018 George For superb characterization of Mr.Mcgregor in our drama lesson - very impressed.
14 Sep 2018 Jessica For a brilliantly funny and very well written wanted poster for Pesky Peter Rabbit.
07 Sep 2018 Whole For settling in to Birch so well this week.

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