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15 Jun 2018
Year 5 - Birch - Miss Sheenan
For always being gentlemanly and polite! You are a pleasure to be around.
Year 5 - Birch - Miss Sheenan

'Star of the Week' List 2017-18

08 Jun 2018 Zac For an empathetic approach to writing his War time letters! Beautifully considered.
25 May 2018 Tommy For being helpful and tidying up and having a good working week!
18 May 2018 Jake For a brilliant piece of writing based on the film 'UP.' He worked very hard to meet lots of his summer writing targets.
11 May 2018 Teddy For having a fantastic rapport with all adults, which never goes un-noticed and also for achieving all that is asked of him and more!
04 May 2018 Sam For a great, informative but funny newspaper report about the Goldilocks' dreadful crimes! Superb work on your summer writing targets.
27 Apr 2018 Alanna For her attitude towards all that she does in school, setting a great example to all of her peers.
29 Mar 2018 Sienna For having a great attitude towards all that we do in school. She approaches all tasks with determination and this has really paid off.
23 Mar 2018 Ben For improving his self believe and confidence throughout this term - it has majorly paid off and he should be proud of what he has achieved.
16 Mar 2018 Eloise For being helpful at all times and working exceptionally hard in all that she undertakes.
09 Mar 2018 Tobi For coaching and advising other students in PE to help their technique. He was very patient and helpful - well done!
23 Feb 2018 Zac For a superb, figurative piece of writing about his Magic Box - keep it up!
08 Feb 2018 Diya For taking the time to create and deliver a powerpoint teaching us about her Indian culture and Hindu religion.
02 Feb 2018 Angela For a superbly written version of Robin Hood, which the whole year group was able to use for motivation.
26 Jan 2018 Parizeh For working very hard in mathematics and putting all her efforts into learning new, difficult concepts.
19 Jan 2018 Ruby For writing two fantastic, catchy poems this week. She has a real knack for rhyming.
12 Jan 2018 Teddy For being enthusiastic in all lessons, even other staff members have discussed how lovely it is to teach him - well done!
05 Jan 2018 Olivia For showing great enthusiasm during math lessons and being proud of her independent achievements - this is very encouraging!
20 Dec 2017 Suzi For having a superb 1st Term in Year 5. You set a fantastic example, keep it up!
15 Dec 2017 Max For discussing his new love for literacy and writing a great Borrower's piece.
08 Dec 2017 Mackenzie For being a great Ugly Sister. I am so proud of the commitment you made; you've shown everyone what you're really made of.
08 Dec 2017 Ben For putting on a fabulous display as an Ugly Sister. I am so proud that you had the confidence to perform in front of a big audience.
01 Dec 2017 Jack For fully embracing his character in the Panto and working hard to make the audience laugh.
24 Nov 2017 Tommy For working hard during assessments this week. He has worked paticularly hard to apply newly learnt skills to the comprehension task.
17 Nov 2017 Ava For always enjoying all aspects of school life. It has been particularly lovely to see her enjoying Maths and embracing new concepts.
10 Nov 2017 Zac For impressing his teacher and inspiring his classmates with his natural acting ability - now just learn those lines!
03 Nov 2017 Joe For a fantastic start back this half term. I've been thrilled to see him working hard and enjoying learning.
19 Oct 2017 Hayley For having a fantastic first half term in Year 5. Always working her hardest and showing others what it means to be a reflective learner.
13 Oct 2017 Bonnie For always pushing herself even when she is feeling nervous about a new concept. You're an inspiration to others - thank you.
10 Oct 2017 Reece For a smashing start to Year 5 and now continue your Ardleigh Green ways!
29 Sep 2017 Zacharia Pillay For blowing Miss Sheenan away with his Bruce Bogtrotter writing. Fantastic Effort.
22 Sep 2017 Lenny For being hardworking and conscientious at all times. You are a pleasure!
15 Sep 2017 Jack For consistently producing all of his work to a very high standard and being a model student.
08 Sep 2017 Archie For focusing and applying himself well at the start of Year 5. Miss Sheenan is so impressed with your maturity.

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