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'Star of the Week' List 2018-19

07 Jun 2019 Lillie For wonderful ideas in her creative writing this week and for putting in 110% effort into her drawing in art - it was truly beautiful!
17 May 2019 Florence For putting in such an effort to her homework and consistently working hard in class! You're setting a great example. Well Done!
10 May 2019 Grace For fantastic writing and proving her capabilities in all areas of the curriculum. Keep working hard Grace!
12 Apr 2019 Poppy For beautiful pieces of writing, not only in Literacy but also in her homework! Your passion is admirable Poppy - Keep it up :)
04 Apr 2019 Grace For putting more effort into her writing and improving her work! You've really impressed me with your work lately Grace - Keep it up :)
15 Mar 2019 Daniel. For changing his attitude towards his learning and pushing himself to achieve more and make the most of lesson time. Keep it up :)
08 Mar 2019 Gracie For putting in more effort in maths lessons and being more determined to tackle challenges! Keep it up :)
01 Mar 2019 Eliana For always giving 110% effort to all her work, consistently demonstrating perfect behaviour and for making Miss Holmes constantly smile :)
14 Feb 2019 William For supporting other learners who find particular subjects difficult. You have been a true teacher and an absolute gentleman. Thank you!
08 Feb 2019 Daniel. For an incredibly well written Robin Hood (with a twist!) I can't wait to see how the story ends! Well done Daniel - keep it up :)
25 Jan 2019 Francesca For working well with her group over the art days and putting in 110% effort to all that she did :)
18 Jan 2019 Harrison For working extremely hard in all lessons and improving his behaviour! Keep it up Harrison!
11 Jan 2019 Charlotte For working hard on improving her handwriting and showing 100% effort in all lessons! Keep it up :)
07 Dec 2018 Ruby For a beautiful written account of Rio in creative writing! You really focused on your targets and created a wonderful piece of writing! :)
30 Nov 2018 Ergi For working extremely hard to improve his handwriting. I almost didn't recognise your work Ergi! Keep up the beautiful writing. Well done :)
23 Nov 2018 Harrison For working extremely hard to achieve an amazing score in his Maths test! Keep up the hard work! Well done :)
16 Nov 2018 Robert For brilliant acting in the rehearsals for the Christmas Play! Amazing performance Robert, Well done!
09 Nov 2018 Jaden and For working together to push yourselves in Maths this week. You have both shown fantastic determination and strive to succeed. Keep it up!
02 Nov 2018 Conah For working extremely hard in all lessons this week and really pushing himself. Keep up the good work Conah :)
18 Oct 2018 Harrison. For behaving better this week and pushing himself in class to achieve more in lesson time! Keep up the hard work Harrison :)
11 Oct 2018 Alice For consistently working hard in all lessons and participating more in class. Keep up the good work Alice! :)
05 Oct 2018 Freddie For consistently participating in class and demonstrating a fantastic enthusiasm towards learning! :)
28 Sep 2018 Ola For working extremely hard in class, particularly for working independently a lot this week! Keep up the hard work, Ola! :)
21 Sep 2018 Amaris For fantastic writing in Literacy and always setting a high standard in your work! Keep it up Amaris :)
14 Sep 2018 Reiss For welcoming our new pupil into class so wonderfully and being a great friend to all. Thank you Reiss!

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