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16 Jul 2018
Year 4 - Lime - Miss Dodgson
for creating an amazing Lime fruit bowl!
Year 4 - Lime - Miss Dodgson

'Star of the Week' List 2017-18

02 Jul 2018 William for working well in a group during the D&T project!
25 Jun 2018 Olivia for superb maths work!
18 Jun 2018 Charles For superb maths work this week!
11 Jun 2018 Florence For having great perseverance!
11 Jun 2018 Poppy For having great perseverance!
04 Jun 2018 Amaris for writing a superb night poem!
21 May 2018 Francesca For writing a fantastic description in literacy!
14 May 2018 Grace For being such an enthusiastic reader!
30 Apr 2018 Conah For being an excellent support in PE!
20 Apr 2018 Alice For excellent work in maths!
26 Mar 2018 Olivia For determination and effort in PE!
19 Mar 2018 Charles For making a super effort on World Book Day!
19 Mar 2018 Harrison For making a super effort on World Book Day!
12 Mar 2018 Ruby For always being so well behaved!
26 Feb 2018 Luke For writing a fantastic report!
12 Feb 2018 Daniel For all his hard work in maths!
05 Feb 2018 Olayinka for fantastic work in maths!
29 Jan 2018 Zach and for working together to learn their times tables!
22 Jan 2018 Florence for always working hard and doing the right thing!
15 Jan 2018 Harrison for working so hard on his handwriting!
08 Jan 2018 Robert for always having a positive attitude!
18 Dec 2017 Lillie and For excellent teamwork during a problem solving activity!
11 Dec 2017 Kristina For performing the Christmas dance perfectly!
04 Dec 2017 Maisie For always working hard and doing the right thing!
27 Nov 2017 Gracie for persevering and completing tasks even if they were tricky!
20 Nov 2017 Amaris Ani & Eliana For a tremendous effort in learning and performing the Year 4 dance perfectly!
10 Nov 2017 Poppy For writing a fantastic Narnia description!
03 Nov 2017 Freddie For working so hard in maths!
19 Oct 2017 Eliana For always presenting her work beautifully!
13 Oct 2017 Charlotte For showing resilience in all her work
09 Oct 2017 Reiss For working so hard in maths!
02 Oct 2017 Jaden For writing a superb Titanic diary entry!
22 Sep 2017 William For always listening to instructions carefully
15 Sep 2017 Daniel For always doing the right thing and being a model student

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