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12 Jan 2018
Year 4 - Pear - Miss Ponter
For always thinking of others before herself and for being such a helpful and considerate member of our class.
Year 4 - Pear - Miss Ponter

'Star of the Week' List 2017-18

05 Jan 2018 Amira El For a positive attitude to the new term and for working her to improve her handwriting.
15 Dec 2017 Archie For always trying his hardest and for being a kind friend to others.
08 Dec 2017 Olivia For growing in confidence and for working hard to become an independent learner. Well done Olivia.
01 Dec 2017 Liam For writing an excellent story in Literacy. Well done Liam!
24 Nov 2017 Sasha For being such a kind and caring member of the class.You are a star!
17 Nov 2017 Luke For working really hard to include his writing targets in a detailed and creative description of Narnia. Well done Luke
17 Nov 2017 Noah For writing a beautiful and imaginative description of Narnia in Literacy. What a star.
10 Nov 2017 Stevie For producing imaginative writing which hooks the reader. Well done Stevie!
03 Nov 2017 Dylan Fabulous maths work on fractions throughout the week - well done!
20 Oct 2017 Sienna For always being ready and willing to learn.You are a star!
13 Oct 2017 Liam For improved effort and attitude towards his learning and behaviour. Well done Liam. I am very proud of your progress. Keep it up!
06 Oct 2017 Ava For always having a positive attitude and a smile on your face. You are a ray of sunshine.
29 Sep 2017 Shea For a positive attitude towards his work and for always trying his best. Well done Shea!
22 Sep 2017 Alayna For always trying her best.

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