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21 Jan 2019
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Guided group: Writing targets!

Miss Sheenan - 25 Feb 2015

During a literacy task working on their targets, one group re wrote The Three Little Pigs. Their targets were:  
  • to find and use new and interesting words in their writing
  • to make sure parts of the story follow one another in a sensible order.
  •  to develop description of characters and events by including  feelings and emotions.

The group worked very hard and shared their work with the class, they had some help from the teacher but worked really hard as a team to create this! Miss Sheenan was so impressed to see some drop in clauses!!!

Their once were three timid pigs, living in a dark, old, dusty cottage. They went by the names of Bob, Dave and Alfie. Having annoyed their mother for 7 years, the three timid pigs were sent packing to build themselves a new life. Leaving their mother full of joy.

Trembling with emotion, the timid pigs trotted miserably towards the town. Beginning to forget their troubles, the pigs little eyes stared wisely at the orange sign for B and Q. The timid pigs scurried in to buy materials to make their new homes, in all the excitement they lost each other.

Bob, the intelligent one, went steaming off picking up the first thing he saw - golden straw.
Meanwhile Dave, who was slightly smarter, charged towards a bunch of brown, stiff sticks to build his new home. Alfie, the brainy one, decided to seek some help. Wondering around, he bumped into the customer service assistant. The helpful assistant kindly advised Alfie top buy bricks. According to this smart young lad, bricks were the strongest, most sensible and thickest material to use to build a house.

Finding each other back at the tills, the three timid pigs violently barged one another to be at the front of the queue. Oinks filled the warehouse as the pigs purchased their materials. The question left of the staffs lips was whose house was going to last?


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