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'Star of the Week' List 2017-18

04 Dec 2017 Roman For making a huge effort to improve handwriting! It is beautiful Roman :)
04 Dec 2017 Bazile For putting 100% effort in to all your work. Well done, Bazile.
13 Nov 2017 Sophie For making a huge effort to improve handwriting! It is beautiful Sophie :)
13 Nov 2017 Muyyesirah For a fantastic portrait - what super art work! Very well done :)
06 Nov 2017 Lilia For quick thinking and speedy application in maths. Very well done Lilia! :)
30 Oct 2017 Benjamin For making a huge effort to increase the pace at which you work and for producing some lovely writing too! Well done.
30 Oct 2017 Maddie For always putting in 100% effort and for being very kind and helpful too!
09 Oct 2017 Bliss For all the beautiful drawings that you have done in your own time - what a talented artist you are!
09 Oct 2017 Kai For hard work on reading and for not giving up when making a 3-D shape!
02 Oct 2017 Lily For an amazing difference in your handwriting and for generally being ready and willing to learn. You are a star! :)
02 Oct 2017 Amy-Rose Moving up in your reading and trying very hard with your handwriting - keep it up! :)
25 Sep 2017 Toby For making a huge effort with the presentation of your work! Well done!
25 Sep 2017 Daisy For a fabulous story opening to the Magical Forest! Well done!
18 Sep 2017 George For a fabulous piece of comprehension work - well done!
18 Sep 2017 Annabella For learning to carry tens in maths - well done!
11 Sep 2017 Alethia Fabulous maths work on column addition, you worked so hard- well done!
11 Sep 2017 Bazille Fabulous maths work on column addition - well done!
04 Sep 2017 Tszping Super fast and accurate recall of the 2x, 5x and 10x tables. Well done.
04 Sep 2017 Zachary For showing great kindness and being caring towards others - you were lovely Zachary.

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