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John Morris

Welcome   to Ardleigh Green Junior School.
Working Together, Learning Together and Growing Together.
Ardleigh Green Junior School is an exciting place to learn! We have enthusiastic, talented and hardworking children, who are supported in their learning by an outstanding staff team, dedicated governors and very supportive parents.   MORE >>>
Numeracy Tip 1Find tips to help you with numeracy and to make you think.22 Sep 2016 @ Virtual Mathematics
Attendance Matters19 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Jeans for Genes Day - UpdateJeans for Genes Day - Friday 23rd September 201619 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
16th September 2016For the first time this year our Stars of the Week are ....16 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
London Fire Brigade Open Day16 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Years 4 5 and 6 Coffee Mornings14 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Redden Court Open Evening13 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Cleaner Vacancies12 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
School Telephone System Update09 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
School Telephones08 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Website UpdateWebsite Update08 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Gold Sports Award for Ardleigh Green08 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Autumn Term Swimming Programme07 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Summer Works07 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Sealyham Meeting07 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Coffee Morning for Years 4, 5 and 607 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Year 3 Coffee Morning and Reading Meeting07 Sep 2016 @ News & Events
Grammar, punctuation and spelling by Y6 for Y3Year 6 pupils made a video to help Year 3 understand grammar, punctuation and spelling using the Key stage 2 SATs paper30 Jul 2016 @ Videos
Stars of the WeekFor the last time this year - our stars of the week are .....15 Jul 2016 @ News & Events
Greek Day Fun!15 Jul 2016 @ Pine - Mrs Shephard - Class News
Stars of the WeekIt has been a busy couple of weeks - our stars of the week for the last two weeks are:-04 Jul 2016 @ News & Events
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Ardleigh Green Welcome Song
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Friday 30th September, 9.00am
PA Coffee Morning for McMillan Cancer Charity
Monday 17th October, from 5.00pm to 7.30pm
Parent Consultations
Tuesday 18th October 3.30pm to 6.00pm
Parent Consultations
Thursday 20th October
School Closes for Half Term
Friday21st October
Staff Training Day
Monday 31st October 8.45am
School Re-opens
Wednesday 2nd November
Flu Immunisation Day
Friday 4th November
Individual Photographs
Tuesday November 8th
Years 5 and 6 Disco
Thursday 10th November
Years 3 and 4 Disco
Wednesday 30th November, 12.45pm
Years 5 and 6 Sportshall Athletics, Hornchurch Sports Centre
Thursday December 1st
Years 3 and 4 Sportshall Athletics Hornchurch Sports Centre
Friday 2nd December, 3,30pm
P.A. Christmas Fair
Monday 5th December, 1:30pm
Christmas Production Dress Rehearsal: Elm, Pear and Birch
Tuesday 6th December, 1;30pm
Christmas Production Dress Rehearsal, Oak, Pine and Cedar
Tuesday 6th December, 7:00pm
Christmas Production: Elm, Pear and Birch
Wednesday 7th December, 1:30pm
Christmas Production Dress Rehearsal: Ash, Lime and Aspen
Wednesday 7th December, 7:00pm
Christmas Production. Oak, Pine and Cedar
Thursday 8th December, 7:00pm
Christmas Production. Ash, Lime and Aspen
Friday 9th December
Children's Christmas Lunch
Tuesday 13th December, 1.45pm
Carol Service All Saints Church
Tuesday 20th December, 1.00pm
Years 3 and 4 Christmas Party
Wednesday 21st December, 1:00pm
Years 5 and 6 Christmas Party
Wednesday 21st December, 3.20pm
School Closes for Christmas Holidays
Tuesday 3rd January 2017
Staff Training
Wednesday 3rd January
School Re-opens for Spring Term
Monday 6th February
Book Fair Begins
Monday 6th February, 5:00pm to 7:30pm
Parent Consultations
Tuesday 7th February, Parent Consultations 3:30pm
Parent Consultations
Thursday 9th February, 3:20pm
School Closes for Half Term
Friday 10th February, 3:20pm
Staff Training Day
Monday 20th February, 8.45am
School Re-Opens
Friday 24th March
P.A. Mother's Day Sale
Friday 31st March, 3:20pm
School Closes for Easter Holidays
Tuesday 18th April, 8:45am
School Opens for Summer Term
Sunday 21st May
Year 6 Leave for Sealyham
Monday 22nd May
Year 6 School Based Activity Week Begins
Friday 26th May. 3:20pm
School Closes for Half Term
Saturday 27th May
Year 6 return from Sealyham

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